Soulful Attraction
(001) Intro to the Soulful Attraction Podcast: Who? What? Why?

(001) Intro to the Soulful Attraction Podcast: Who? What? Why?

November 6, 2018

Welcome to the Soulful Attraction podcast, an open space where we can explore the mind, body, soul connection.  Join me in discovering our unique holistic prescriptions in awakening our soul's highest form of health.  

My name is Kaley Korfike and I am so incredibly excited to launch this platform and create a place where we can raise our vibration, discover our passion, expand consciousness, and develop a true understanding of what it really means to be "healthy" (hint: it's not just kale and endless crunches).  

Tune in to Episode 1 for a quick introduction to who I am, what this podcast is all about, and why I'm here!  

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(002) Oh Soul Intangible

(002) Oh Soul Intangible

December 11, 2018

Todays episode dives into the intangibles of life and gives listeners a basic understanding of Spirituality, Ego, Law of Attraction and Manifestation so that going forward into future episodes, we can all be on the same page!  No matter what your beliefs, I can promise you the content will still be of great value in expanding your consciousness, shifting your perception, and enhancing your ability to align and attract your desired reality.  

Today I cover:

  • Spirituality - What is it? Why does it matter? 
  • The Ego - What it is and how it's been running the show, and how YOUR THOUGHTS ARE NOT YOU.  (*gasp*) What?!  I changed my life too.
  • The Law of Attraction/Manifestation - Why your reality looks the way it does and HOW you can shift from a VICTIM with lack mentality, to a CREATOR with abundance mentality.  

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(003) Level Up to Limitless

(003) Level Up to Limitless

December 19, 2018

Today we cover the HOW when it comes to manifesting our dreams and applying Law of Attraction principles to our own lives.  So much of the content out there only scrapes the surface when it comes to manifestation, and we are left wondering HOW do we do it?  HOW can I manifest the things I want from my life? What are we doing wrong that we can shift in order to become magnets for our desires? 

This episode will give you 3 new practices to start utilizing in your life to see faster return on investment when it comes to using LOA in your life.  The best part? They are FUN - and I guarantee you will immediately see a change in your perspective and in the way you view yourself if you begin incorporating these practices daily.

Today we are covering:

- Becoming a CREATOR

- FEAR as fuel and how it's not about escaping our fears, but stepping into them 

- Taking control of our mood - setting the tone for our day

- Raising our vibration - the HOW and WHY

Stop being the VICTIM and level up to being the CREATOR you were born to be!  

(004) Changing Lanes (Settling, Self Love, and Sex)

(004) Changing Lanes (Settling, Self Love, and Sex)

January 3, 2019

In today's episode we dive deep into what broadening our perspectives could do for us in our relationships, the way we love ourselves, and even in the ways we view and experience sex.


We cover:

  • SETTLING: What it is and how we all have areas of our lives we may be settling for less than we deserve, and how we can break free and realign with our true desires.
  • SELF LOVE: We hear everyone talking about loving themselves these days, but often times we just don't know where to begin or what that even means.  We cover what it is, why it's important, and where to begin. One size does NOT fit all with self love, there is a different prescription for everyone, and we all love ourselves in unique ways BUT there is one step we all must take in launching the basis for self love.
  • S.E.X. Yes...we're going there. Let's get awkward people. 

This episode dives deep to get you challenging your perspective, broadening your beliefs about what you deserve in this life, and stepping outside your comfort zone (where chances are, things might currently be a little UNcomfortable).

(005) The X-Factor: Passion

(005) The X-Factor: Passion

January 11, 2019

Today we dive deep into PASSION, why it's the fuel in our lives that drives us to finding SOUL satisfaction, and how to figure out what you might be passionate about if you don't already know!

We are all at certain stages of our lives and have different levels of passion in different areas, whether that's work, friendships, spirituality, hobbies, or your relationship with a significant other or yourself.  The thing is - we NEED passion, we DESERVE to ignite that fire so we can show up as our most expansive self and get the most out of life.

Passion is our purpose. Have you found yours yet? If so, this episode will motivate you to CREATE and tap further into that energy.  If you haven't yet discovered what that passion is for yourself, this episode is FOR YOU and will give you some helpful tools to help you discover what it is that your soul might be needing.  

I know what it feels like to be stuck reliving the same week over and over and wondering the terrifying question of "What if this is all there is?"  If that sounds like you, or you are someone who is dying to get a taste of that excitement for life - then this episode is for you!  I promise that is absolutely NOT all there is, and I want to help support you in figuring out what it is that will set your soul on FIRE.

So thrilled for you guys to hear this one, it's a topic I am extremely passionate about and would love to help support you in finding your purpose and falling in love with life!

Join me and let's dive in, raise our vibrations, laugh, learn and RISE to our full potential. 

(006) Morning Magic

(006) Morning Magic

January 18, 2019

Does the word "morning" make you cringe and want to crawl back into the comfort of your warm bed?  What if I told you by implementing a simple routine into your morning and evening schedule, you could completely transform your life and bring mindfulness and presence into your day?

Stop using the excuse of not having time.  We are all busy, but we MAKE time for the things that MATTER.  Want to know what matters?  Waking up and choosing JOY, that matters.  Waking up and shifting your VIBRATION to attract your desired reality, that matters.  Waking up and deciding to take control of your day, which becomes your LIFE - that MATTERS.

In today's episode we dive into why morning routines are so effective and why most successful people swear by them, what a morning routine can be and how it is individual to all of us, and how to start implementing it into your schedule in a practical way.

We talk meditation, and how to get past beginner frustrations, journaling, yoga, and I also go into what DREAMS do to our waking reality and how they can be harming your manifestation efforts if you aren't careful about this one practice!!

Lots of great tips, tricks and ideas for you guys to start your morning out right, and how to implement a nightly routine as well for anyone who truly is looking to LEVEL up their life and take control of their emotions and thoughts in order to bring JOY, mindfulness, and presence into their every day lives.

Come connect with me on social media and let me know if you implement these steps, or if you have suggestions for other tools you've used and LOVED in your own morning or evening routine,  I'd love to hear from you!

(007) Leaning Into Vulnerability

(007) Leaning Into Vulnerability

January 21, 2019

The modern dating world can be an intimidating place, and it seems like everyone has walls up these days.  It's hard to feel excited about someone new when you are scared of getting vulnerable.  How can we shift our perception and lean into the EXCITEMENT and thrill of meeting someone new?!

Vulnerability doesn't need to be a scary thing, in fact I would argue it's one of the most beautiful aspects of relationships and the way we connect on a deeper level.  So why are we so afraid of letting our walls down?  

Today's quick chat is about a conversation I had with a friend about meeting someone new and why we tend to hold back our emotions and excitement rather than allowing ourselves to fully lean in and FEEL, which is what the universe wants us to do!

Join me and let's dive further into vulnerability, the modern dating world, and why it's SO important to build a solid foundation before bringing someone else into our lives.

(008) What the Health? [10 Tips to Hack Your Health]

(008) What the Health? [10 Tips to Hack Your Health]

February 1, 2019

Does the topic of health seem daunting or confusing to you?  Maybe it's something you WANT to put more effort into but you just can't seem to find the TIME to dive into the ominous, contradicctory world that is the online health industry.  Well, today I want to give you 10 quick tips to implement in your lives to really target the synergistic effect of our mind, body and soul on our overall health.

Health is SO much more than the food you eat and the calories you burn during your workouts. We are intricate, complex organisms with so many different processes at work internally- that focusing on just one pillar of health is like assuming you only need to put gas into your car but then neglecting all the other maintenance it needs to run efficiently.  

Tune in and find out TEN things you can add to your daily schedule to start targeting a higher level of health.  I know we are all busy - and trying to find out what works and what doesn't can be extremely overwhelming when you try to do your research, so let me help you out and give you a few things you can start to focus on to see some better results and start FEELING your BEST.

(009) The Company You Keep (aka Energy Recycling)

(009) The Company You Keep (aka Energy Recycling)

February 7, 2019

Have you ever had someone tell you to "just be yourself" - only to leave you confused and questioning HOW the heck you do that in a world that tells us we always need to be something "more" or do something "better"?  Sometimes society can make us feel like having split personalities is required in order to show up in all these areas of our life -and please all these different people.  Why does it feel so hard sometimes to just be ourselves?

Tune in to today's quick episode to learn how to show up as the AUTHENTIC "you" in every situation and stop putting on masks and changing who we are to adapt to new environments.  That's exhausting and our energy could be put to better use!

If you find yourself constantly shape shifting from one persona to another depending on the people/environment you are around, this episode is for you!  It is time to take a look at where our energy is being spent and admit to ourselves who/what needs weeding out.⁣

Think of it this way, the people you surround yourself with have specific energies that are similar to SUPPLEMENTS in the health industry - good quality ones can impact your health (internal vibratory state) in a POSITIVE way - but the wrong ones can be useless or severely HARM your health (lower your vibration).⁣

So this is where REFLECTING and RECYCLING is important. ⁣

This week I challenge you to sit down and go through your top 5 relationships in your life and ask yourself these questions about those people:⁣

1. Does this person make me feel good about myself and my abilities?⁣
2. Does this person bring me closer to my goals?⁣
3. Does this person increase my vibration?⁣
4. Do I leave conversations with this person feel expansive? (vs. depleted/scarce)⁣
5. Does this person see my vision for my future? (vs. doubt myself)⁣

If you answered “NO” to some or most of these questions about a person you spend a majority of your time with - I would HIGHLY recommend recycling some of this time you spend with them for time with someone who causes you to answer YES to most or ALL of those questions. Your vibration, reality, happiness, and success depend on it.⁣


Remember, being YOU should be effortless and easy - it is your essence and should not require any effort!

(010) “Be Here Now” they said….

(010) “Be Here Now” they said….

February 14, 2019

Ever hear the phrases "be here now", "be present", or "live in the moment" and wonder WHY that is so important, or maybe HOW to go about it when our minds get so wrapped up in living in the past or worrying about the future?

Everyone seems to say it but not many people are truly able to live fully in the moment.  And it's not a surprise!  With our society drowning out our internal guidance system with incessant social media outlets, news, and pop-culture noise - it can feel extremely difficult to live in the moment, and ohhh so easy to get lost in our devices, our Ego's comparisons, anxiety over the past, or stress about future outcomes.

Today I unpack the reasoning behind why living from a place of MINDFULNESS and conscious AWARENESS in your life is of such importance and HOW we can implement little tools to get us closer to this reality every day.


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